Just sum the last 14 records created? Not so simple?

This seems fairly simple, but seems out of reach. I am sure I am missing something.

I want to find the last 14 records for a particular user so that I can :sum a number field.

What are the options. I can filter or constrain by user, but how do I isolate those last 14 records created so I can sum a value field.

I am starting to think its not that simple?

Maybe I have just been staring at it too long!

many thanks!

Sort on created date, then use “items until 14” ?

As an update: I worked that would be the best way to do it but just could not get it to work until I realised there was an error in my query!

For anyone wanting more details. Its just a case of sorting by creation or modified date by using the query conditions, assuming you want the most recent number of records created, sort date by descending order so most recent is at the top. You could also use the same approach with by modified date.

Use items until, or of the other options Items From: and items Until: etc

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