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Kanban Board in a Bubble App using the AirDev Canvas template

We wish to include a Kansan board within our bubble app.

Our app is built with the AirDev Canvas template.

The reference for what we wish to build is [

There are several Kanban templates available, but it is my understanding that you can only use one template / app in bubble.

I found this article on the Bubble Blog:

How To Build A Trello Clone Without Writing Code

I also saw a post here where someone suggested openBuild Kanban widget.

But, I was hoping to buy something pre-built.

I am wondering if anyone here has had experience adding a Kanban board to Canvas and/or integrating blocks from other templates into Canvas.

  • I saw a post where someone suggested copying the design elements and workflows from an external template into Canvas, it that seems loaded with potential errors, the openBuild possibly fewer.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Jonathan / Fytns