Kashflow.com API & Bubble

A little advice please.

I have received this message from a hired dev who I wanted to help me to create an API link between Bubble and Kashflow.

I am pretty confident that Bubble can do this. However if I need to pay him to build something outside of Bubble then so be it… I’m hoping that you guys can help advise me and what the correct solution is.

Here are the linked to the Kashflow API :-


Many thanks :slight_smile:

I have never implement Kashflow apis but I couldn’t see any restriction to connect directly Bubble api plugin.

OK, so I was able to achieve this!

First of all I created a database called Kashflow which has two datatypes. ID & Value.

I then created a number of records with the following ID’s:

Mem_3 etc

Then when I run the workflow if it fails it triggers an unhandled error that triggers a backend workflow.

This backend workflow triggers Kashflow with the username and password saved in the databse. The returned items Temp_Token and the line items for memorable word items are returned and saved to the corresponding records. Once saved the second API call is made pulled these saved details through and the returned session ID is then updated in the database which now allows the user to run the workflow again.

This could be taken one step further and the original workflow could then be auto ran again if you want.

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Kudos for posing your solution! I don’t use that plugin, but it could be beneficial for other users.