"Keep proportions" on icons and on groups

Sometimes you want to keep proportions on groups or icons, would be nice


I would really like to have this option on ALL visual elements and containers.

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Yes, this would really be a great workflow improvement

yes would be really useful

I agree !

+1 for this idea. A workaround in the case of groups that I’ve been using is to fill the group area with an empty image element that has “keep proportions” enabled, but that has no image content. The group then scales proportionally with the transparent image element of the same dimensions contained within.

A quick followup to my previous reply: I realized that Bubble won’t let you deploy your app if there is an image element whose actual image content is empty - it gets listed as an issue that needs fixing before app deployment can occur. A workaround for this is to just use a PNG that is transparent for the image content.

Where can we get a png that is transparent. I’ve searched the web but everything comes back with the ‘transparent’ box background.

Did you have to make one with adobe?

The shape element does have the keep proportions property, and can be set to a transparent background.


Yes I just made one myself: https://s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/f1610220944139x391903378741448770/empty%204x3.png