Keeping height of RG rows equal

Hey everyone,

In this table (, as you can see the height of each row is not aligned because the cells in the “F/L characteristics” column is overflowing and the other column rows are not growing along with it. Included a screenshot below.

The table has been made with two repeating groups: one with a horizontal scroll which lays the columns of the table and inside it a “full list” repeating group which then lays the content of each column (in rows).

What is the way to ensure that the content is aligned horizontally, because you can see that currently, the table isn’t readable at all?

If we keep the text inside inner repeating group as a text element then we get the option of “cut off content if element not tall enough”. But I used the link element because I want to give the user the ability to open the link in a new tab. This link element doesn’t give the “cut off content…” option.

Please help!


Have you tried leaving it as a text element and then adding a workflow to open the link?

Indeed and that works, except for not being able to open the link in a new tab. Is there a workaround to doing that with text links?

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