Keeps saying "This email is already in use" when it's not. Help!

Hi there, desperately need help. I actually managed to sort the problem and one day after logging in, it wouldn’t let me create a new profile, stating “This email is already in use”.

I can’t find any appropriate help after looking through the forum, so any help would be super appreciated.


Make sure you are not confusing Live with Test?

Have you looked at the User table for both versions to see if that email address is actually there?

Fixed it now, the problem was that I had two similar workflows, which seemed to cause issues. When I deleted one of them, it worked perfectly.


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I had the same problem. And @alexsowter is right.

I had installed a FB signup/login workflow and then after (in the same workflow triggered by the same button) I had “create an account for someone else”.

I think it created an account from the FB account and then attempted to create an account with the same credentials with the second action in that workflow and returned the error that the email created by the first email was already in use.

Sorry, what is “FB”?


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FB means Facebook :blush: