Keypad over lapping input field in pop-up need help


Please somebody aware for the problem kindly guide to make the keypad not overlap the input in pop-up > IT LOOKS VERY UN-PROFFESIONAL @romanmg @jarrad @NigelG @louis.j.briggs

Can you share an image of what you’re seeing? I’m not sure what you’re asking about from your post, sorry. An image may help.

@potentialthings thank you for the concern


The pop gets over lapped by the keypad and not dragble…

Hi @potentialthings

Did you get anything regarding the issue.

It really makes the webapp looks… Pitiful

Please help. should have been pre-equipped in bubble, I guess they should have coded in bubble app itself… Buhhh I can’t understand.

@emmanuel would you please suggest some code to make the input field auto move above the keypad… like in this messenger.

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