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Keystroke input trigger plugin with reusable elements

Hey, Im using input monitor from Keystroke input trigger plugin in a reusable element. Im working on a single page app, and using the reusable element in two places. The first place works as expected - as I input text in the field that input monitor is monitoring, the workflow is triggered. However in the second place, the input monitor does not detect any input in the input field. I have set dynamic ids for reusable element input fields, based on which place in the single page app they appear, so the ids of the input elements and elementIds are unique. Note that at first both reusable elements are hidden, then the first one is shown and hidden, and then later on the second one is shown. When I get to the second reusable element and refresh the page, then the input monitor works as expected, but I don’t want to have to refresh the page. How can I make it work? Are input monitors usable with reusable elements?