Keyword Matching

I am building a talent matching platform that is essentially a CRM for my recruitment firm. I have Eden AI extracting keywords from resumes when uploading candidates which are saved into the database in a “Keywords” field within each Candidate.

I am also extracting keywords from job descriptions when I am uploading jobs to the database which are saved in a “Keywords” field within each Job. I am having trouble setting up a feature that shows candidates that have matching keywords.

I have tried to set up a repeating group that shows Candidates with constraints being Keywords Contains Job Keywords but it doesn’t seem to be working… Any suggestions?

It doesnt have to be matching all the keywords, but it would be great if there was a way to show candidates that have a good number of matching keywords - if that makes sense…

Let me know what you guys think is the best approach - thanks!

You probably can do that with the list operator “intersect with”.

If your two objects “candidates” and “job” both have “keywords”.

Then do : candidates.keywords interesects with job.keywords > 0 : if yes there is a match.

Thanks for the response - how would you put that into a repeating group? Is there another way to show matching candidates?