Kids stuck at home during COVID-19? A solution!

Hello All,

I wanted to share an idea that @jacobgershkovich helped me bring to life. I’m a newbie with Bubble and needed help to get my COVID-19 web app build. Thanks to Bubble for applying the free upgrade to Production due to the idea being related to the outbreak.

Basically the web app is to crowdsource 1,000 ideas to entertain kids stuck at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Users can VIEW, LIKE and SUBMIT ideas.

Thanks Jacob for the help! Check out his web site if you are looking for a Bubble freelancer, I highly recommend him:

Feel free to share the site, I’d love to spread the word!

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Thanks for the shoutout and the kind words Shawn :slight_smile: I don’t have any kids, but I might borrow some ideas from here for my gf and I. We’re running out of stuff to watch on netflix pretty fast haha.

Congrats on the launch!

@jacobgershkovich it was great working with you on this. Now I just need to drive traffic! :smiley:

Shared this with my kiddos :slight_smile:


Great idea! The kindergarten that my son goes to has just closed and we will have something to do at home))

hey well done. gonna use this! What I was thinking, I have 10 year and 9 year boys, is to teach them bubble ! Bubble classes for kids. Getting them to make an app would be cool. if anyone has any ideas shoot!

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In fact, I spent the entire summer trying my best to entertain my son. He didn’t go to kindergarten and was at home all the time. By the way, as one of the entertainment for children, I can recommend board games.We played all day and most importantly it is very exciting even for adults. However, in the near future kindergartens will open in our city and I would like to ask you. Do your children wear masks in kindergartens? I’m a little afraid that my son will be without a mask among other children. So we are currently choosing a mask on Pandemic Pal. There are a variety of masks for both adults and children. He even liked a few already. I hope for your answer!