Kindly solve "Adding Duplicate Values in Custom States List". I am Willing to pay

Hey @bubble.trouble I tried using local storage as you suggested,

  1. Installed Toolbox plugin, named function

  2. Ran your JS code in workflow to save values

  3. Values are getting saved in local storage as intended (index-wise), I am also able to change them index-wise successfully.

  4. Now comes the headache

I couldn’t get those saved values in bubble. I tried calling that test function in run javascript, i tried localstorage.getitem…i also explored information about getting those values in bubble…but i couldn’t. Its day 3, so I decided to ask for help.

I am sure that I was writing wrong syntaxes (I also used the ones you gave in your earlier reply). How can I get that values list in bubble and save to database? Kindly help me with the correct code.
Thank you.