Kinetise Dropsource

I want to develop a mobile app (native) and I want to have bubble as a backend.
I did my homework: dropsource and kinetise seem to be a robust choice
-The problem I have with dropsouce is that they don’t support video
-The problem with kinetise seems to be the integration with bubble as I noticed some discussions pointing that problem but also I couldn’t find any community of users at this stage (blog, forum…etc)

Any thoughts?



You might also consider Thunkable’s new “Thunkable X” platform. I haven’t used it with Bubble yet, but have been exploring and it’s pretty decent.

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Thunkable X is cool. Spent more time on Dropsource, but a quick play around with it makes me like it a bit more so far.

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Hey Andrew, did you have a chance to use bubble as the backend for thunkable x?

I’m also trying to get this to work with no luck