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KLIKPRO Beta now Live... Need Bubble testers

Just updated KLIKPRO and would like to kindly ask Bubblers to have a go at testing the app. I welcome any feedback and suggestions to improve the app…

Kind regards,


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You should invite potential users from photography forums, if you haven’t already. They are more likely to post content such that you can test out the full lifecycle of a product listing.

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Looks very nice. Congratulations

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Can we feature you on our homepage at some point? :slightly_smiling:

Looking good. Sharp design!

Thanks so much😊

Thanks much! Appreciate the feedback…

Absolutely Emmanuel! That would be awesome…

Thanks Scott… I did exactly that yesterday and the feedback have been great. Someone from Norway may have an offer for me. Waiting to hear what that is about… :grinning:

Can you send us an email to support, we have a few question for you then (quote, logo, etc.)

Nice work!

Thanks much :slight_smile:

@ON2 I opened your link, things looks good, BUT it created to me a horizontal scroll bar :frowning:
the website is like 30px wider, but that small difference was already enough to create that horizontal scroll bar. Your main page element seems to be set to 1300px width, probably that is what created my visual pain.

@Vinicius, thanks much for the feedback. You are correct, I created using a width of 1300px, you must be on a smaller screen size… I plan on creating versions for smaller screens soon as I am done with the desktop :slight_smile:

Well, I am on a 1280x1024 monitor desktop monitor. It depends on your visitors base for you to adjust that. I haven’t took the time to read about Bubble’s responsivity for such matters…

@Vinicius, I use this ( ) as a guide to decide what size to use, this might be helpful for others as well until we have responsive layouts in Bubble… Hopefully @emmanuel considers Foundation Framework ( ) as I am big fan of the framework.



I see. Just to tell you about an alternative: I designed my app for a lower resolution that would still look good on bigger screens, so I would not lose smaller screen users, because the people I target are not web developers (which are the ones that visit w3schools), but that viewpoint ocurred to me naturally. Please note that I’m not saying “ahh you’re wrong!” okay? I’m just telling you what I did, so you can get why I found that other viewpoint strange.

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