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Knime and Bubble?

Hi everyone!

I started to use bubble recently to build a web app for a project of mine. Rigth now, I use Knime ( to extract and process the brazilian legislative data. What I want is to bubble acess the DB created by Knime. However, bubble does not have the plugin to talk with knime. How can I do it? Any tips?



Is this not a question of the Knime community, first to ask them what methods are available to access the data from an external application.

From that, you might be able to work out what you can do. e.g. If the answer is ‘you can’t’, then you are pretty much stuffed!

You have an API connector, SQL connector, and these are the two most basic forms of connector - So I think you need to understand the endpoint more first.

Having done a quick search of the Knime website, came across the REST API blog entry, that might be your starting point.

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Hi Dave,

I asked there two. I read about the Rest API, but forgot to mention few things in my post (I am a little tired, long day… :sweat:). The problem is that the API is only avaible to knime server edition. The knime analytics plataform that I use does not have it. However, there are some people able to link knime analytics edition with other plataforms. I asked here to increase the chance to see if someone had this problem too.

Anyway, thanks man! Quick answer! :grin:

Best Regards,


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