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join Kronix Hosting today to satisfy all of your gaming or hosting needs. We offer all day every day assistance we our very friendly staff team. Our server has been ranked one of the friendliest out there. We try to meet all needs when requested and usually break our backs to do so.Our usual time frame for delivering a product takes between 5 to 10 minutes so its quick and easy. Other products that are requested as custom may take longer but are delivered in the same day.
We offer multiple different products.
Cads (currently 10 different versions)

We can offer:*

Premade models
Requested, to-order models

(For streamers)

Each product listed above can come in different versions or different designs.

If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer just click the link below and all info will be given in the welcome message. We make getting your product as quick and simple as it has to be. :wink: we hope to see you soon

Who are we?
We’re a creative design agency with skills that are very broad.
What we make?
We make high quality graphics for your needs, such as Logos, Headers, Profile Pictures, Stream Graphics, FiveM vehicle skins, and any other graphics you can think of! CAD/MDT,Discord server Bundles,TeamSpeak servers,Many more

How to contact?
We have a lot of ways to contact from Discord, Twitter, Email, Facebook, etc.
Contact Number: 07388158913
Email: [email protected]

Custom to order GTA V Textures And Models

1 Skin-$3.50
2 Skins-$6.00
6 Skins-$16.00


Single Logo: £2.50 $3.50 €2.85
Single Banner: £2.60 $3.60 €2.95
Mixer/Twitch Overlays: £4.99 $6.97 €5.69
Mixer/Twitch Offline Screen: £1.60 $2.20 €1.80
Youtube Overlays Pack: £4.99 $6.97 €5.69
Youtube Starter Kit: £10.10 $14.10 €8.25
Premade RP Discord Server (With Roles): £7.99 $11.10 €9.10
Twitter Setup Pack: £5.00 $6.99 €5.75
When you buy Premium for an extra £2.50 $3.50 €2.85 your order priority for us to make.[/details]

All of our cads Our in our discord


This company WILL scam you!

Please use extreme caution when doing any business with these individuals. They keep creating different posts to try to bury the bad reviews, but just look at any of their other posts.

I urge you all to NOT do ANY business with them!


Can confirm

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I don’t know too much about the scamming. I did, however, join to get a new logo for my Youtube channel. The person working with me kept trying to reuse old logos off the internet, which were subject to copyright law. The logos were really not that good at all. Also, their server looks very unprofessional. There’s emojis everywhere, which makes it very difficult to navigate. Overall, for graphic design, I would rate a 3/10 (The 3 is just because they were pretty good about answering me quickly). Just overall really unprofessional service looking to make a quick buck, regardless of copyright laws.


If anyone is planning to buy from this company, I suggest you read the threads below.

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