Labll - A nutrition labll for companies

Hi everyone! :wave:

I recently launched my project, labll.

It’s a website that highlights diversity, pay gaps and ethical values of companies.

The aim is to promote transparency and we’ve got lots of features lined up.

We’re on Producthunt and would love your opinions, questions and Upvotes! :pray:


Interesting idea, Really like the design!
Make me think It Would be a nice chrome extension where, regarding the company site I’m visiting, I could see its label…


Thank you @mattmazzega. Yes exactly then users can see labels as they visit sites. That’s in the pipeline and will start working on it very soon, as soon as we start growing our database of companies. We are also looking to make the labels embeddable.

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Pretty cool concept!

Mind telling me how you got the horizontal scroll bar of your repeating group to disappear?

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Thanks @sizzily86!

What i did was put my repeating group into a group (make sure it fits right to the edges of the group) and then within the same group create a small white shape and align it along the horizontal scroll bar area. Make it wide enough to cover the whole width of the group and height of 20 did it for me. After make sure you hit ‘arrange’ and pull the shape to the front. Here’s a pic to make it clearer.


That’s a really smart idea! Thanks :smiley:

That’s a really nice idea! Hope this gets picked up by media & a wall street analyst report

Thanks @gaurav! We sure hope so!

Hey this is great! Nice idea and execution.
Maybe V2.0 you can actually have these as dynamic data vs. images.

Then you can give them all urls and make em searchable etc. :slight_smile:

Sweet work tho :v:

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This is top work! Grade A for concept and execution - nice going.

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Nice idea!

Have a few business questions though…

How do you verify the information for each company is correct and remains accurate? Do you first verify it with the organisation?

How do you ensure it doesn’t get hijacked for political purposes / gender politics etc?

Example, oh look more whites than black or more male than female - they must be a bad company to work for.

Some of these companies will have a higher rating as employer of choice, but not reflected be simply pointing out diversity scores, so is this information also included?

Just an idea, but I would show a statistical weighting rather than % scores to address some of the above. Example, in a particular industry such as software both participants and students are predominantly male, so in this instance a company hiring more males is not necessarily favouring males its a microcosm of the real world. You would add an appropriate weighting to the females score and you might find they favor more women than men… etc

There are also many studies which show many variables involved in diversity and gaps in business and would suggest getting your heads around them.

As it stands, if you do get noticed, the above is one of the first things they will use to pinpoint the inaccuracies in your methodology.


Thanks @pauljamess! Yeah exactly in v2.0 they will definitely be dynamic data. Images were easier for now to ship faster and test a super basic MVP. Thanks for the kind words! :pray:

Thanks @exception-rambler :smile:

Thanks for the in depth feedback @StevenM appreciate it!

We ensure we get the information directly from reports released by the companies themselves. As we look to grow the list, we will aim to obtain it from other sources / using scrappers and then verify it by getting in touch / allowing companies to sign up and verify their pages. We aim to offer those companies more features to incentivise verifying the information.

Bear in mind we will be offering more types of data, including pay gaps, ethical values and causes backed by companies.

When we add those types of data, we believe companies will be able to paint a well rounded picture and prevent it from being hijacked for political purposes, damaging their appeal. For example, a company may not be as diverse as liked, but has a fair pay structure and backs some causes, has great ethical values. If a company fails at all those things, we believe they should aim to fix those points, not just for the sake of a label, but to become a responsible company and increase their chances at attracting / retaining talent.

We understand there are many other variables and we do aim to get around incorporating them in a meaningful way. Thanks for your suggestion of statistical weighting.

One variable we have briefly eluded to is the diversity of opportunity by including the country stats at the bottom. This aims to serve as a snapshot of where opportunity is present and how that is affecting diversity of outcome. It by no means is a comprehensive analysis and breakdown, but just a snippet of the detailed breakdowns to come in updates.

Like you said, we can’t just focus on outcome, there are lots of variables, opportunity being one and we look forward to updates that do exactly that. Thank you for the feedback! We are very grateful.

Pretty cool concept!
You had done a great job. Keep going

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@1.adel.abdullahi, not sure if you’re already aware of this but Apple has an official page where they publish their diversity data. You can extract useful info on Apple from there

Good job.

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