Lack of support - not good customer service

I have been using bubble for months now and have found it wonderful. The forum has been helpful during that time and I’ve been very thankful to any and all users who have contributed to helping me when I needed it. However I have to remark on something I have noticed for at least a month now.

I have been posting questions in the forum and while I completely understand that majority of the people are probably looking for other help, many people maybe do not have an answer and thus do not post anything, people are on at different times, etc.
I have posted about the same question for about a month now. Its gotten numerous views but no responses. After being on here for months, its quite obvious which users seem to be the most knowledgeable but yet they too are mum with this topic, even though they appear to be active in many others…
Is this on purpose? Its coming across that way, as strange as that may sound.

I then sought help with one of the Bubble support partners, who advertises help on here, and after receiving an email saying ‘of course I’d be happy to help, please share whatever information you have…’ I then said thank you and sent back full detailed information complete with screenshots and concise explanation, only to receive no response back whatsoever. I even tried messaging again, thinking maybe that email got lost in the shuffle - but again no response at all. That was over a week ago.

Then one user thankfully responded in a topic I had posted and alerted me that the issue is likely a bug, so I should fill out a bug report.

So, I did that and began dialogue with one of the tech support people. After a few exchanges it was escalated to Emmanuel. However all of his responses were very curt and dismissive. I don’t know if that’s actually someone else messaging and it just shows up as his name. But once again, bottom line is I was not helped, but rather dismissed and rudely so.

I am not trying to put people on blast but this has been a very trying experience as a customer, I still have not been helped. I don’t understand how as a provider of something, customer service is not made a priority, no matter what is being provided.

Good customer service goes a long way…and also goes towards building that ‘community’ that’s spoken of in your mission statement.

Link up the post that you’re referring to so I can see if I can assist you.


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Thank you Daniel, I really appreciate you looking out!

My last post was here:
Cannot get individual data - data keeps saving as a list

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Hey @cooljen,

I don’t work for Bubble or anything but if I may chime in?

I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Like you said, Bubble is a wonderful tool and there are a ton of helpful people who don’t work directly for Bubble dishing out solutions for other Bubbler’s roadblocks on the forums.

You’re correct that most of the views of your posts that don’t end in a reply is because they probably don’t have an answer for you. I went through some of your post history and glanced through some of the threads, particularly the one regarding the Pinterest API.

You’re an intelligent and articulate forum user - your roadblocks are legitimate and you document them pretty well. You’re polite, responsive and grateful for any help offered. It seems like there’s no good reason why you can’t get the help you need, either from the forum or from Bubble staff. I can see you don’t expect help from the forum, but I can also see how frustrating it is to be told "Ask for help from the forum or a “Bubble certified partner” by Bubble only to hear…crickets.

Some thing that helps me when I’m not getting the feedback on the forums I need is to try and simplify and reduce my problem, often creating a “test app” to help isolate the issue as well as not to overwhelm or confuse people who are seeing my app for the first time.

If you still haven’t found a solution today, I’ll take another look this evening and see if there’s anything I can help with.

Good luck and chin up! If it’s solvable, you’ll get it :smiley:


Thank you so much @skylershelton ! I really appreciate that and I’ll try to simplify stuff more to get to the root of the issue, as well as continue to offer any help to anyone else if I can.

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