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Landing page for testing app idea & waitlist

I want to launch a quick and dirty experiment to test a new app idea. In the past, I would have set up a ‘normal website’ or built one on bubble, but I’d like to be quicker/simpler this time and started looking into landing page tools designed for lead generation (e.g. instapage, unbounce, leadpagees, convertkit, carrd, etc.).
There seem to be a lot of tools with quite a broad feature and price range…can anyone recommend one specific tool? (I am looking for simplicity, waitlist feature, and optionally A/B testing capabilities) may have a template like what you’re describing.


Hi @d9999 did you find a way to do this? I am in the process of doing the exact same thing and have started with ConvertKit though not sure that’s the best option. Care to share what you did?

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ended up using

Awesome, thanks. I’ll check it out.