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Landing Page / Home Page Bubble v/s others

OK, so I have a web app (which is custom coded outside bubble). However I need to create a home page (let’s call it landing page).

I looked at Unbounce / Leadpages etc… and the pricing starts from $39. Unbounce I’ve found has what I need at $49. I.e. it publishes the page and you can assign a custom URL to the page (unlike others, which ask you to download the html and then upload it on the site).

Looking at Unbounce - I realised, I am better off still building the landing page in Bubble and for the web app, redirect to app.whatever,com.

Building the landing page in bubble, gives me freedom of designing to the finest of pixel. I can design just the way I want it. And for a small fish, I don’t need tons of integrations that Unbounce offers. And bubble is at what $19?

It all sounds too clever, almost making me think, have I got something wrong? Did I miss out on something?

Bubble is capable of doing the things you’re looking for in Unbounce. The starting tier ($19) is certainly a deal, especially for what you’re looking to do. Give it a shot! You can even build it on the free tier to see if it meets your needs, then pay when you’re about to launch.

I’ve just had a look at Unbounce, and couldn’t quite believe it. I suppose if you want to build lots and lots of landing pages, or lots of marketing segment pages and you want to use templates, and pay 49 a month, go ahead. I’ll stick with Bubble.

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