Landscaping Estimate Engine Repeating Group - State Help

Hello All,

I am trying to make an estimate engine for my landscaping company. I am adding items from the left accordion style select menu and populating the right repeating group with the material details and qty input element. When I my material qty in this input element the Total column updates as it should. See image below. Everything to this point in Kumbaya.

The qty entered into the materials qty input DOESN’T track with the cell if I deselect a material from the left accordion materials list. See below image…I deselected the middle material and it DID remove it BUT didn’t hang on to the value’s entered for the other qty inputs.

Is this something that can be done? I am stumped. PLEASE HELP.

Do you store the qty in any way?

At this point the qtys are not being saved. Is there a way to splice them into the state? My state is set to materials that has a field for qtys.