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Languages, app text and page refresh

Hey there,

I am currently working on making my app multilingual.

For dynamic content I am using an API and it works fine.

For static content I want to use the bubble function : app text.

Now the problem:

I have users who build their profile pages (they are logged in) and users who visit those profile pages (they are not logged in).

Now I start the following workflow for non logged in visitors on page load: Make changes to current user: Language = Language of the profile page owner.

Thats working for the dynamic content via API but not for the app text static content.

The problem is for app text that the page has to be refreshed that its working.

That leads to the problem, that the static content of the page is always displayed in the language of my application, instead of the language of the profile page owner.

So everytime a new visitor comes to the page, he will see the static content in english until he clicks somewhere and a new page is loaded. Thats annoying…

I want to achieve that the static content of the profile page is displayed for visitors always in the language the profile owner sets in his/her settings.

Afterwards its easy, if the visitor changes the language of the profile page there will be a page refresh. But how to achieve that on the first page load?

Is this possible with app text, or should I choose the conditional method here?

Thanks for your time!!! :slight_smile: