Large Lists / Feasibility / Best Practice

Hey, all. New Bubbler here. I’m in the process of laying out a data structure for new app and was curious if the community had any thoughts. Here’s the basics of it…

BID - This holds some basic information (client, address, etc.) along with 132 LINE ITEMS. A user might make 10-20 new BIDS in a day (so a minimum of 1,320 new connected records for each user - 10 BIDs x 132 LINE TIEMS). The BID is a prefixed format that must have all 132 line items.

LINE ITEMS - They are pretty straight forward. They hold things like quantity, cost, etc.

Some specific questions:

  • Is Bubble suitable for an app like this (amount of records, etc)?
  • I’m guessing an API Workflow, breaking the line items into sections, will be the best rout to copy LINE ITEMS into new bids and avoid the 100 item list limit?
  • Is there a limit to the amount of records an app should store (LINE ITEMS into the 1M+)?
  • Are there any red flags or best practice I should know?

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your input.