Large user base: how to deploy new features?

Hello there.

Can we engage here any rep of a Bubble app with a proven live user base?

We have built a large application having 2 dev versions during the whole process.

One day our “Development” version just stopped working and we had to continue using just 1 (custom) dev version. Now we have onboarded some users who have been using the app for a while. Unfortunately, during our latest deployments there appeared a few critical bugs that we haven’t noticed. At the same time, we started working on a crucial new feature and are stuck deploying our fixes.

We know about the “best practices” described in Bubble manual, BUT only those who have real experience should be able to give the relevant answer here.

My question is not only about the version control process. It’s also about QA and how you guys approach bug fixing in a live app with real customers. We have a separate person on the project who works with us during evenings after a full-time job to manually review new features in dev, and then after we deploy to live.

We tried to optimize our approach several times but it is still weak. Have to reorganize it completely, maybe hiring another developer who will be just sitting and monitoring bugs? Maybe QA + Bubble dev in one person (I doubt there is a Bubble dev who likes to do manual testing). Maybe there should be QA outsourcing companies specializing in Bubble, but even if they existed it would have been hard to onboard them (even though we tried to eliminate tech debt).

Not sure if I understand you correctly… but what I do to avoid this: Before working on a new feature, I copy the page and then develop the feature on that copy. If something comes up and I need to fix a bug, I can do this on the original page without having to deploy the feature that is work in progress. Once feature development is done, I replace the original page with the copy page.

what if users access the page where you are developing the new feature? It also makes the live app heavier… Why do we have to suffer that much ?

You can simply have a workflow that redirects to the original page on page load.

I don’t like this approach

With this approach, wouldn’t you then have to go to every reusable element and anywhere/everywhere else to change a navigation/link from the original page to the copied page?

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