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Last day in Cosmic Solutions|Vexx#5900

This isn’t no skit to get viewers or people into our discord. There will be no links unless someone really needs. But I am resigning as a owner from Cosmic Solutions. My experience with my team was beautiful. I enjoyed my time making CAD/MDT’s for people and my team was always there to help me out with everything! I unfortunately started dissapearing near the end. I will not be explaining why. I dont want any sympathy to what has been happening. But I want to thank you all for helping me out and being there for me. Us. when needed. We all were always here to come back and help you all back out. Thank you all for everything! See you all later.

~Cosmic Solutions Past CEO
~Vexx#5900 <- Discord Tag

we will miss you bud

-M Blaine | CEO of GLD

The Name Cosmic Solutions was copy righted by me