Latest forum update : some bugs

Hey there,

Yesterday, the forum was updated. But today, I faced bugs each time I post a message (thread or private message). I got an error saying there was an issue, and the interface invites me to resubmit this message, but it has already been posted.

Not very important, but not very clean too :wink:

In order to illustrate the problem :

Got as soon as the previous post was sent. But it was sent.

Same thing for me

Thanks for letting us know. We just tweaked it, is it fixed now?

… maybe not. Still seeing the issue. Hold on and we’ll see what we can do…

Testing, testing, 1 2 3…

How bout now?

continuing to spam this to see if it’s working…





nope not working for me


I think it’s working now!

Yep, we found the problem: bad interaction between some customization we had done and the latest version of discourse

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Many thanks for the fix! :+1:t2:

Hum, not sure this behavior was present before. Now, when we type some text containing < and > characters (with no space), the string beginning with < and ending with > is cut off.

Example for < index > (after removing the blank space within < and > :

Screenshot of this message being written :

The problem is be that any message dealing with html or css syntax could be impacted if the text is not set with the code formatting :


Test <div>

Initial text :

Hello @josh ,

Yesterday’s bug is still happening today, any new post results in an error, even if the post is correctly published…