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Launch Native App in App Store

Can I create a native android app to be launched in the app store from this platform?


Bubble is not at the point of building native apps per se, but there are several different options for getting your Bubble apps packaged and published to app stores. A quick search of the forum will provide loads of services doing it for you, through various methods. You can also learn to do it yourself in an afternoon.

Hi @rance65

You can use jasonelle scripting language to create a native application and use Bubble as a backend, for free. You can also build Bubble with the size of an application and wrap it with jasonelle. 10 min. Native App in 2020 iOS & Android

Welcome to Bubble. :slight_smile:

Hi John,
Thanks for your response. I was just reviewing the steps and noticed the last mentioned “simulation”. Just to be clear, does this process allow me to launch an app in the App or Play store, for use with real users?

Yes. What make you think otherwise?

Sure, you can use as alternative.