Launch of Joyful Literacy

Hey everybody, my partner @alex and I have been working on a tool for teachers to track student progress against a set of skills identified by Dr. Janet Mort. The goal of her 25 years of research has been to get students to read at grade level by the end of second grade, and her success is overwhelming. For the past few years, she has been leading summits to describe her methods. The past 10 or so summits have had between 700 and 1000 teachers each, so her methodology is being widely adopted!

Until now, teachers had no way of digitally tracking the work against Dr. Mort’s tactics. With the launch of, they now can! The link will take you to her home page that has all sorts of info. If you want to check out the app itself, click the link called “Circle Charts Online” and register for a free trial.

Tell all your teacher friends about it!


In case you couldn’t tell from Andrew’s post, absolutely 100% of everything on was built on Bubble. Pretty neat!

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Congratulations on the launch @potentialthings and @alex! The app looks amazing!! Just signed up for a trial and that circle-chart functionality is so sleek! So awesome to see an education-focused app built entirely on Bubble. :smiley: Congrats guys!!!

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Looks great!

Can we put it on the homepage?

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Sure, that’d be neat!

@emmanuel if you highlight us on the homepage, can you please use this blurb?

Joyful Literacy is a research-backed method used by teachers to help children read at grade level by the end of Grade Two.

We need to do this by email, as we need a logo, a quote, etc. Can you email

Hey everybody, quick update on how things are going with the app.

  • Current monthly users: 222, most in Trail phase still ($5 per user per month for US users, $6 per user per month for Canadian users)
  • “Enterprise” users waiting enrollment: ~210 ($50 per user annually for US, $60 per user annually for Canada)
  • Student ratings made so far: 1794
  • Bug Reports: 3 (1 unable to reproduce, 2 resolved)
  • Most Popular Browser: Chrome
  • 36% Windows users, 32% MacOS users, 25% iOS users
  • Mondays and Fridays are our busiest days
  • September Workflow Runs: ~5500 (not accurate, since the Bubble team refreshed everybody’s count for September)

I don’t know if this info is helpful for the community, but I thought I’d share so y’all can get a sense of what one Bubble production app looks like. Our goal is to get to 500 paying users. October has 2 very large summits where the app will be part of the keynote presentation in front of 700-1000 teachers, so we’re hoping to see a big spike of signups. All in all, we’re really happy with how things are shaping up, and we’re really happy with how Bubble is holding up. We feel really great about having Bubble be the backbone for our business. Onward!


That’s great that you share this!


Great stuff, really like the circles and the ease of use. Is there a way to look at the tutorial again after the initial login? I’m thinking of doing this for my app but not sure if its needed. However, I clicked through it in your app but now find myself wanting to read it again…

I actually email those instructions after their first login and when they went through the ‘tutorial’ so they can always reference it through email but maybe relaunching the tutorial might be a good solution too.

I like the feedback questions too, you are really trying to include users in upgrading the app. Nice!

One more thing. I noticed that the app isnt responsive, but in 1920px the screen looks like this to me:

I guess you optimized for lower resolution but for me, my profile name is a bit oddly positioned.

Thanks for checking it out! The main page of the app is not responsive, and here’s why: the original content was supplied by Dr. Janet Mort, and she has handmade 20-ish sheets of these skills. They are grouped intentionally and she was opposed to breaking them out any different. It was critical to have each skill on one row for each student, so we had to make the main page super wide since there wasn’t a way to make a container that scrolled horizontally, without scrolling the whole page. It was a super big bummer for us, but not much we could do about it :frowning:

Regarding the tutorial, there’s not currently a way to re-trigger it, but we could definitely add it back.

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Nice and clean app, well done!

FYI the “Contact Us” page could do with setting focus on the top input.

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll have an update rolling out soon, we can get that in there pretty easily.

The next rollout offers tools for School and District administrators. After that, we’re working on some reporting functionality to answer three key questions:

  1. How is Student X doing?
  2. How is my class doing?
  3. How am I doing teaching X topic?

Fantastic work!

For the enterprise users waiting enrollment. What are they waiting for? For you to iron out bugs?
Thanks so much for sharing your work. Great work, that’s so useful (I’m a teacher).



Hey there :slight_smile:

I hear you about keeping the concept of Dr. Mort intact. And yes, it’s slightly awkward to have it scroll like that… HOWEVER, this is your first release! I’m sure over time, you’ll continue to iterate and improve step by step :slight_smile: The important point is that this tool will be useful to teachers (like me!)

Yay, good job.



Thanks for the feedback! The enterprise users were waiting for the ability to buy licenses at a school or district level, rather than on an individual level. Basically, we will soon let them buy 60 seats for their school, then add teachers to the school and just have it work like magic. The functionality is all done and just going through some testing to make sure it’s ready to go.

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Nice :slight_smile:

That’s awesome :slight_smile: Very exciting! I’m also working in edTech :slight_smile: After years of unhappy results with programmers hired to make this and that, I stumbled upon Bubble. I’ll drop you a line when I finish with mine.

Have a great day!


Hi @andrewgassen!

Do you still have this app? Did you use the sub app feature or did you group each subscriber by school, district, etc using a data type?

I’m exploring if the sub app option is best for our current project.

We shut the app down last summer when the owner of the IP retired. We did NOT use subapps. We had a hierarchy that allowed us to sell to a District, a School, or one-off users. Everybody used the same domain and app.