Launch Windows Application from Bubble App?

Similar to how Zoom is able to request opening their windows application from a browser, how could this be done from a Bubble App?


Use case…
Users of my app are always on internal computers where I have control of applications installed and file organization. They frequently need to open audio projects on professional audio software that has been pre-installed on their computers.

Currently, those projects are hosted in Dropbox and my app just provides the link. When they click on the link, they decipher the filepath of the project using Dropbox’s UI, and use Windows File Explorer to find the project and open it.
It’s not a smooth solution.

I’d love for them to be able to click a button that immediately opens the exact project they need in the professional audio software.

Again, I have full control over File Organization, including naming conventions.

Even just opening File Explorer to the exact folder containing the project would be nice.

I imagine some sort of parameters can be passed, as Zoom will not only launch the application, but immediately join me to a call after app launch.

I’ve seen reference to using custom protocols in windows, but I haven’t found detailed enough instructions for me to understand. How to open windows desktop applications from the browser : Carlos Rodrigues

Anyway this can be done?


Looking to do exactly the same, an action that can launch an application (like zoom), and/or execute a file which is associated with an program, hence launching that program.

My intended use is like a control board/POS type function

If it’s going to be on a Desktop PC / Mac / Linux, and the filepath is predictable or selectable, then you can use this solution: [BETA] 💻 Convert your Bubble app to a Desktop App for FREE!

This is what I ended up doing - and it works great for me.

Updated my previous post with the correct link. It’s a wrapper for Bubble apps to be downloaded on PC/Mac/Linux.

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