Launched Cloakist - custom URLs and analytics for any site

I just launched Cloakist on PH!

It lets you add a custom URL to any public site, as well as analytics, social metatags and more!

For example, you could make your public Trello roadmap available at instead of

The original version just supported custom URLs, but we saw demand for custom scripts and metatags, so this is the re-launch!

Currently, the majority of the product is built on Bubble, which has allowed us to launch, re-launch and change things super fast.

For anyone interested, the Bubble part of the product is an internal dashboard we’ve built which interfaces and streamlines all the AWS APIs that provide our main product.

And if you’d like to check us out on PH, we’re up at!

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Curious why clicking the Pricing page opens in a new tab? Is that intentional?

Thanks a lot! Hmm, no particular reason to be honest. Subconscious decision :).