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[Launched] OOC Radio | Radio Station with a base on bubble!

Out of Character Radio

An internet radio station, built on Bubble!

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to announce that one of my own projects that is public facing is ready to show off on a showcase post!

@johnny and I had a random thought last Friday (Nov. 4th) to launch our own internet radio station. By Sunday, we had a MVP. Today, we have what is close to an end product. We want to do some content additions to the homepage, but overall, the design itself is done!

This was such a fun project, because it included me making my own plugin, custom API calls, setting up a VPS to run the back-end of the actual radio, and so much more.

From bubble, we successfully can:

  • Create, delete, and modify presenter accounts directly (Presenter accounts are how our live DJ’s connect to the server, hosted off site, but we built a management platform on Bubble so we don’t have to switch between 3 different sites to manage this.)

  • Setup Spotify’s search API to get the Spotify version of song’s playing, and thus able to allow users to click to play on spotify

  • Complete DJ Booking system, where our Presenters / DJs can book hour time slots

Listen Now

We still have a ways to go, and we are still working on it daily, but we are proud of the product so far!

Future plans:

  • Work on better optimizing the scheduling / booking system
  • Build out more content on the site, and more user interaction
  • Pages for songs, where users can comment on songs, like them, dislike them, etc…
  • Public profile pages

:raised_hands: This was definitely a fun one to build, and getting the Spotify API to work was one of the highlights of building the site! :blush:

Bubble made it superrrrrr easy to get everything up and running


Oh and it’s also responsive!!! Shoutout to new responsive :joy: :sweat_smile: :muscle:

I had no idea about anything internet radio before this project, so thanks @draked123 for looping me into this project :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey, what a cool little project! Nice work!


Thanks, Keith! :blush:

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That was pretty fun I’ll agree.

For me, my favorite part was trying to connect all the different systems from the back-end so everything talked nicely to Bubble.

I forgot to mention, I also built a Discord bot that people can join into their server and have our bot play our radio in a voice channel! Also the bot sends a GET request to bubble to get the currently playing song. Building the bot was a lot of fun too!

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Hi @johnny !!!

Fantastic project!!!. I visited your page and it really looks very professional. I am also interested in making a radio station.
Can you give me some guidance on this?


Hi @frpenalo,

For sure! What are you looking to do?

We are down to help for sure, just let us know what specifically you need help with?