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Launching a Bubble App to 10,000 users

We are looking at hiring a Bubble developer to launch an app, which could acquire 10,000 downloads on it’s first day in the app & play store. We are looking at continuous hundreds if not thousands of concurrent users once launched.

Is Bubble going to be about to handle this? Are there any example Bubble apps doing this or that have done this successfully?

The alternative is building in React & React Native, but Bubble could be a more cost-effective faster solution for our requirement.

All feedback welcome!

According to the Bubble Manual, “Our goal, though, is for Bubble to grow with your app; via our Javascript and API integrations, you’ll never hit a hard limit of the system. Our Dedicated Plans let you have a dedicated cluster only for your apps, maintained by us, and you can scale as your business grows independently from other Bubble applications.”

I believe I read a separate thread that better address your description of “app & play store” as well as specific examples of those that have scaled using this platform.

Does your app need to be accessible if the user loses internet connection?

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Bubble does not officially support native IOS and android apps, If you choose to go with Bubble know there will be compromises.

If you have 10,000 customers lined up, why not build it with a framework made for apps?

Bubble hybrid native apps is mostly for testing your product-market-fit (at the moment). If you already have that, why not just go ahead build it proper.

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Not specifically. We have follow along videos so it would need internet even if we built natively.

Thanks. For sure it’s good they say it scales but it would be great to see actual examples of Bubble working at scale.

@stone What type of compromises are these?

The number one reason not to do with React Native is cost. We know we can get users but paid users isn’t guaranteed from the beginning.

We have a web app in Wordpress now and has paid users and Bubble to build is 25% of what a React and React Native build would be.

The second reason js the time to market - we need it two months. I’m not sure a React build will make it.

Don’t think it would be a problem :smiley:

One of bdk native customers had listed iOS + Android app about 9 weeks ago and currently has ~1,900 mobile users (iOS and Android combined). If you include browser based users the number would very likely be higher but I don’t have those details. Haven’t heard any complaints till date.

Not at the liberty to disclose any further info but I hope it helps you in making your decision.


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Thanks @gaurav, bdk native looks interesting.

How easy is to implement and what is the pricing? Will it support in-app purchases?

Hi @level103 and welcome to Bubble.

Yes 10,000 is possible, but be prepared to boost it if necessary with a package with more credits. You can also build your own app with the use of the free Jasonelle

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

Hey @level103

Its pretty easy as it enables you to basically control a lot of the native app stuff directly via the plugin. So its really your bubble app that needs to be ready :slight_smile: Start a project at the page and you’ll see FAQs answered there.

In-app purchases aren’t supported at the moment but I do plan to implement those

Now with Cloudflare, yes 10,000 is possible :slight_smile:

[New feature] Cloudflare for all

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