Layouts: using align to parent and controlling send to front/back

I’ve got these tiles that my users can select to integrate with the platforms listed.

I’d like to see that “coming soon” banner (bottom three tiles) hover OVER the icon of the platforms, not under.

This is what the build looks like.

Notice that the banner itself is aligning to parent. It’s also listed before the Group Integration Option, where the platform’s logo (Image E) resides.

Group Integration Option (which, again, is listed after the banner) has a container layout of column. Its Image E is configured like so:

Why is the banner showing up BEHIND the Integration Option and its image instead of in front of it when I have it listed first in their parent group? How can I make the banner overlay the rest of the group??

You can either use ‘Bring to front’ to change it’s Z-index, or just drag/drop it in the Element tree so that it is the last thing (not the first) in the parent group.