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Lead pipeline linked to Instagram

Hello, I would like to create an app to please one of my needs. I would like to be able to link a lead pipeline to Instagram. For example, I would have these kind of automations:

  • When I chat to someone in the DM on Instagram, the lead would be automatically added to my pipeline/CRM
  • I would be able to add status on the leads, based on that the priority would be automatically set
  • when leads have new stories, new posts, I would have automatically a new task
  • I would like to be able to add tasks per lead (ex: follow up at the beginning of the new year – because the lead said she might be ready around this time)
  • having automatically date set for this lead, and the tool would calculate how long the lead stay in each and every stage, and how long it took to convert him.

Etc. I am just wondering if I am thinking too far or not, is it possible to have automation based on Instagram? Where do I even start? thanks

You should read about the bubble api connector, apis in general and webhooks. Its absolutely possible.