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Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

Try asking Stadia about this, I don’t see any limitations in the documentation of the engine that creates the route and from the top of my head I don’t remember where that limitation would be imposed.

@Steve_S Make sure the map element is visible… you can use the event “Do when condition is true > Leafy Maps X is visible” if you’re having difficulties with this.

Thanks, I thought I was making it visible first. I will double-check everything.

FYI, the limit was indeed on Stadia. For anyone else having the issue, just email them with a use case and they will extend it.

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Hi @vini_brito, great plugin.

There’s an offset when using custom markers. I’ve check the code and there are missing properties for L.icon when a custom marker is chosen.

For add_marker_on:

and here:

Yep, such property could be added as a feature in the plugin.

Is it possible when using the workflow action “when leafy a marker is clicked” to provide access to that markers coordinates so that could construct a dynamic expression for the workflow event ‘pan to in a leafy map’ or ‘fly to’ that would be something like “Marker Clicked Lat” and “Marker Clicked Lng”?

I’m not seeing something like that currently and not sure if I am just missing the area that this information is accessible from.

Great Work @vini_brito ,

states map center latitude and map center longitude not working for me.

@boston85719 Yeah indeed it would be a nice feature to add, it can be added.

@chris.doudet Does it comes empty or wrong values? Or something else?

Hi @vini_brito
its empty, no data, i can’t see state nor can use it to add marker


Oh, it seems like a bug, thanks for the isolated and reproducible report! Will investigate it further and fix it.
Thanks again!

Hi @vini_brito,

What a fantastic job you’ve done!

I was toying with your plugin and it seems I spotted a bug in the following configuration:

  • Page is not loaded (the user clicks a button to trigger a workflow but the page is never refreshed)
  • “Do when condition” is used to execute all steps regarding Leafy Maps
  • Steps used include only “Remove map”, “Show map” and “Add list of makers” (counters are used so as to execute properly “Remove map” and “Show map”)
  • The list of markers is dynamic: all the coordinates are taken from the database and are intersected with values generated from a repeating group (a specific value, which is not the cell index, is attached to each line of the RG) to define which coordinates to retain.

That last step seems to cause an issue in your plugin:

  • At normal speed, the map is loaded but there is no pin (and no error message). If the “Do When” is executed more than 1 time, the map shows results of the previous workflow execution.
  • At slow speed or step-by-step (with the debugger), coordinates are properly taken and pins are properly displayed

It seems that your plugin just kills its own “Add list of makers” instead of letting it run to the end.

I tried a different configuration when the page is loaded/reloaded and it works (even though the pins appear a few seconds after the map).

Do you have any idea? Is there a kind of time limit when fetching dynamic data?


Bubble indeed imposes limits through a few means, and in certains plugins I had to build a very robust solution to avoid it, but unless you’re downloading more than thousand things to the page, you shouldn’t be hitting those limits.

Also, the plugin itself has no limitations in that regard, so it seems to be more about loading stuff from Bubble.
Try preloading the data in a repeating group first, just for a test, and when it’s fully loaded, click a button to trigger the workflow and see what happens, that way we isolate if the problem is the data or the fetching (:

I created a mapbox account and put the public access token into leafy just to test but when I preview the page in bubble nothing shows up. What am I missing?

did you start a workflow on page loaded and do a map show ?

Hello everyone, unsure if I’ve shared this example here before, but here’s a bidirectional interaction flow between the map and a repeating group, specifically, I’m using a thing selected in a repeating group as a filter for markers in the map and also a “category” filter via a dropdown, of course the dropdown is just for illustrative examples, you could use any other data, for example which group is being shown, as in SPA navigation.

Seeing is better than just reading:

Run mode:

Edit mode:

And here’s a long gif of it:


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