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Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

Thanks a lot, mate!

These shortcuts are definitely paramount to make it happen.
I know there’s something wrong with my side but IDK what it is. I am sure @vini_brito will help me out! haha


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The issue was that the “Unique map name” MUST be written in lowercase letters.

Now it is working properly =)


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Hi @vini_brito ,

Is it possible to add an event listener to the Leaflet layer? Use case: Create a new marker at the clicked location (clicking the map, not an existing marker).


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Yes it is, if you want you can contribute the effort for that :yum:
Or sponsor it.
If any of these options are cool for you, send me a private message and I’ll help you further! :blush:

Good point, somehow I forgot it was open source :yum:

Hahah sure! In this case it would be writing the triggerEvent(“map_clicked”) [or something like that] inside the main layer “layerClicked” ( I don’t remember the exact name there) function.
If you do it successfully, please share with me so I can place it in the main plugin :yum:

Do you have a list of different features users are interested in adding and looking for other users to help contribute toward their development?

What would be supercool is a simple page with the feature description, a price for adding the feature and a ‘contribute’ button to allow users to add their contribution, then once the full price is met, the feature add can go ahead.

In the past I put a forum post up about contributing to a feature and it got some traction but it was something I got busy with other projects and couldn’t manage it.

Yeah I tried working out something like that, but turns out the feature one wants hardly another one wants, so it never worked.

Actually I’m building this right now, so don’t bother building it if you haven’t already.


I have another question about the " the get route key (path), which site web i should find it ?
you find below a screen of plugin setting in the link:
pdf-conjurer-testbed | Bubble Editor

can you send me some instructions i’m confused to fix some issues on route.