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Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

Hi @vini_brito first of all great plugin, thank you!

I’ve a question, is it possible, when the map shows up, to have a specific marker’s popup already open?

For example, I have two types of markers:
a blu one for the user and red ones for shops around him,
is it possible to show the blue marker with the the popup already open with text “your position” as it was a caption?

Thank you!

Not in an easy manner for you to do, but I have backlogged that for the next time I get to have some effort on Leafy.
Meanwhile, you can use a different color for that marker! :blush:

The cluster has some rules on splitting, if you can make an isolated example of the two issues you raised then I might be able to debug them eventually :blush:

Thank you!

You can find an example on the main page of my website (SoGoodz), you’ll find that if you click on the first cluster composed of multiple markers, it divides 1 time when locations are different but not when it’s the same location.

As for the second issue, i can’t reproduce it right now, as it magically working again. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

@vini_brito Hello, have you been able to identify the issue or would you need more informations for the matter ?

Yep, I’ve seen the issue, the lower right cluster didn’t split, can you share with me their coordinates? Next time I get work on Leafy done I’ll use your coordinates to reproduce it and tinker with the configuration parameters to see if this behavior can be improved.

Sure, but i don’t think it’s related to specific coordinates as it’s happening each time I have multiple markers on same location. For example :

I don’t know if it could help you but i’ve found this thread about a similiar issue on the leaftlet github where the poster found a solution : Does not show multiple markers spider on the exact same location. · Issue #345 · Leaflet/Leaflet.markercluster · GitHub

I tried to override it myself throught JS but I didn’t manage to succeed


I am being such a noob but how do I apply a specific mapbox style I created onto it?

@yesdog You mean something created in Mapbox Studio? Currently you can’t, that feature has to be created, if you or someone else could sponsor the work for that feature to be built would be awesome :blush: not the first time it is requested.

@azelmar I don’t think it’s related to specific coordinates too, it just will help me reproduce it and crush it with more certainty. Maybe that’s not the issue, but probably it would be tough for you to override it without editing the source code, so even if that is the issue it would be better if you forked it and edited it, since you are willing to do it yourself.

Alright, here’s one of the coordinates : Lat : 48.8008918762207 Long : 2.3120856285095215
Thank you for the advice, i’ll try to fork it when Github oath is up again.

I might be wrong but it think it’s because you disabled this option (which is true by default)

According to the leaftlet docs :

  • spiderfyOnMaxZoom: When you click a cluster at the bottom zoom level we spiderfy it so you can see all of its markers. (Note: the spiderfy occurs at the current zoom level if all items within the cluster are still clustered at the maximum zoom level or at zoom specified by disableClusteringAtZoom option)

I ran some test with a fork and here’s the result when updating the parameter to true

Awesome! There was a set of reasons for me to use these parameters as they were, so once I test them again I’ll see if I can change that to true without breaking something else, but super thanks for looking into it for me! That was half the work already :wink:
If I update it I’ll let you know so you can use the main version and continue getting updates.

Thanks again! :smile:

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