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Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

Make sure your app settings is set to “allow iframes”.

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do you know why the resolution of the maps and icons is low pixel and renders somewhat pixelated on phones. The icons and mapbox maps are not very clean. this is not the same with mapbox when not using the plugin. can this be fixed?

I’m not aware of that issue, can you provide me a reproducible example in an isolated app? Of course with steps to reproduce it too, just like Bubble team asks for a bug report.
Thanks! :blush:


Hello, I disagree here. Even if I use the same proportion and same image size (25x40), the image itself is not anchored bottom center. There are missing margins and apperently translate3d has wrong values.

By the way, great plugin man!

I have a question here: is there a way ho to remove all markers without having to specify them? The thing is am using parameters in my application and I don’t want to reload the map with every single change, only the markers. I would expect some action like ‘clear map’. So the question is, is there a similar function for it, or I have to specify the list of ID’s I want to remove, or removing and resetting the Map as am doing right now?

Hey Vini… Is it possible to change the marker color without ruining the order of markers.

So my use case is that when someone clicks a marker it changes color so the person knows that they have clicked the marker already, additionally a popup displays information about the selected listing.

I know I can probably remove markers then add them again filtering the items that have already been clicked and running a second round of adding the markers that haven’t been click but them I will have lost the order of which the markers correlate to the repeating group they are sourced from. This means that I can no longer display the correct information in the popup as the index order will be different than the order of the RG

Another question… I seam to not be able to add any css to the leafly element. Basically I want to make it 100VH. I am using a html element with

#fullheight { height:100vh !important }

and setting the element id to fullheight

And one more… It appears the remove markers isn’t working


Yeah, there are a bit more details, but there’s no point in going over them here :stuck_out_tongue:
The thing is, when I made the differently colored icons (the only preexisting was the blue, I manually edited it to create more colors) if you want something guaranteed, manually edit the icon image, keep its proportions, size, file type and DPI, I think that would be all, I touched that years ago so I don’t remember for sure all the details of the manual edition.

Or, well, sponsor the feature so I can get to expose the adjustable parameters to make new icon formats be more accurate :yum:

Nope, currently no “clear map” action, but it could be built too. However, I expect that using the ID’s would also be straightforward, just keep a list of texts at hand in a custom state…


Nope, no “Swap marker icon” action yet, but it could be sponsored and I’d have it built.

On the CSS: Have you applied the CSS to the custom ID that you specify to the “Leafy Maps X” element? How did it went?

On the “remove markers not working” can you isolate that bug in a reproducible manner? If so, I could get it fixed :blush:

@vini_brito I do understand, I just reacted to the conversation, that what @ryan8 was asking for was not a new feature, but to fix a defect of existing one. I definitely also do understand your development time is not worthless, so asked features may be payed, but defects should be fixed or the feature turned off (of course if you maintain the code).

By the way, if I request any feature for your own plugin, which is also free for everyone, is the price of that feature same as you are mentioning on your website?

I disagree on it being a defect that has to be fixed since the way it is it provides stable use cases, for example displaying custom weather icons over larger regions like cities and states or displaying context icons over a polygon, like “natural area”, “danger area” and the likes :yum:

That aside, yep, the price is the same, both in private plugins and in the public ones :blush:

Still seems like a defect to me even though I agree sometimes those markers do not need to be very accurate, but if the marker is not centered or anchored as standard pin, even those not accurate markers will appear on wrong place when zooming. It’s just about unwritten standard. But it’s your plugin and if you are defending the behaviour we are disussing here as desired behaviour, then I have no more objections. It’s still very handy plugin.

Hi everyone !

I have two questions :wink:

  1. How do you write this using list of number to draw polygon?


I tried this but display is not good
(I tried already using latitude as longitude and reverse, but same result)


  1. Other question is their a way to display latitude and longitude position of the mouse on realtime?

Thank you for your help :wink:

i just went in and added a css override that transforms the icons based on the new size.

Yes, definitely this is a solution. But the purpose of my comment was to point on defect not to make workaround. But thank you for your effort! Your answer will be handy to others I believe.

Hi @vini_brito ,

Thank you for your plugin.
I spend a lot of time looking at a course to create a custom print-on-demand like this.

(Please click to Personalize > Edit)

I want to learn to use a map to create a custom canvas printing service.
Could you please give me some advice where I can find courses (free or paid) to learn from.

Thank you.

Oh, nice feature! I don’t think a course covers specifically that, you can do it with a simple custom marker and then use a “element 2 image” plugin so you can capture the group as an image.

Thank you @vini_brito

Hey @vini_brito - love this plugin, thanks for making it!!

  1. Is there any way to delete a line from a map?

  2. Is there any way for me to check if a location is within a saved polygon in the database without creating a map?


Hello @doublejay!
1 - Yes! Use the unique ID and the remove line wf action.
2 - Without creating a map, no, but you can make the map be 1x1 pixel in size.