Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

@Yas-B Right now this plugin is not available for the new responsive engine.

Thanks @vini_brito.

I find a way to change de size of the map by adding an HTML element to my page :

So anyone who want to have the map over the whole height can add an HTML element with :

#map { width:100vw!important; height:100vh!important; }

Any thought about the way to move/hide the zoom-in/-out buttons or the way to store the map center latitude and longitude ?

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ohh my too bad.

I mean, you can try and see what happens, but likely some bugs will show up.
Since it is free work, I do not know when I will be able to run a project to update it by myself, but if you, or anyone else reading this, is interested in sponsoring such work then let me know and I can fit it sooner than later.

yeah sponsoring will give you some fuel for the work

Has this been added yet?

Nope, not yet. Maptiler allows for custom maps in the plugin’s current implementation, but not in the exact same way as Mapbox would if custom maps for Mapbox were implemented, maybe you want to check that.


I am searching for a map to use for my app but it looks like my volume is to important. And google map to expensif.

Here is my question. i can copy it here if you prefer.

Thanks for your help,


Is this working for you yet? Running into the same issue and I believe I have it set up correctly. Loading a list and naming them, but then when deleting them using a workflow step and the same name for the list, nothing happens.

Is the HERE integration working?, does it work in Australia?

I am trying to install the 6.7.0 version of this plugin and can’t get it to display in “Preview” mode. When inspecting the element, it shows as Visible: No.

I have added API keys for Mapbox, Maptiler, etc.

Are there instructions for configuring this plugin? What am I doing wrong?

Hi @chasemerlin !

Did you try to execute the action “Show map on Leafy map” when the page is loaded ?

I ask this question because if you started by using the Google Maps plugin native to Bubble, maybe you think that adding a Leafy Map to your page is enough to make the map run.


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Yes! Everything works in the plugin right now.

Unsure about their business limitations, check their pages or talk directly to them about that (:

@vini_brito What’s the best way to use Leafy with repeating groups.

I have a number of RG cards where I want to embed a small map. It looks like I can’t use any of the Leafy map actions if the element is within a repeating group?

I am not sure how it would go as I have not used Leafy myself that way, but do try testing it and pairing it with Orchestra plugin. Likely some functions of it will not work properly but I cannot tell which without testing :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it, really wish I hadn’t spent all that time playing around with the broken big G pluggins

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Instruction manual for HERE map provider.
Hi everyone, hopefully one day this gets organized, but if you are using the search mechanism on this thread you will find this, here is the instruction manual for the HERE provider:


While the demo in run mode is broken, the editor and the PDF itself are in proper order, so you may get nice info from these. Thanks for the support!


I inserted the token “Here access”.
On the page load, there is an action “Show map on Leafymap”.
The map itself is shown.
When I use the action “Get HERE route Leafymapp”, nothing happens.
No error appears.

@vini_brito Hello! Really like your plugin! I’ve been developing 5 hypothesis testing applications with your plugin! Faced the following problem: I need to get the coordinates of the current user when loading the page, but I can’t see an example of using the plugin, because the editor page is broken (Leafy Maps plugin is missing). Could you please restore the example on this page: pdf-conjurer-testbed | Bubble Editor or suggest an alternative solution?

How I do it is to use a GPS location plugin to get the users location.