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Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

Hi! Likely a text going missing. It is not finding anything to remove with the provided name.
Also, I made no changes lately as well.

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Thank you for your quick response. I will try to find out what is blocking.

Sorry @vini_brito but what do you mean by “the provided name”.

I only have one map per page. When I move from one url/page to another, I remove the map and add a new one. Is this a mistake?

In any case, when I remove a map, I don’t see where to provide a name. Am I missing something? Here is an example:

Isn’t it trying to remove a map that was not initialized still?
Also, I recommend not using that “remove” feature, it is just confusing and something I thought would be useful when I first created the plugin, but ended up not being useful at all.

You should just show and hide the map element, that’s the best way.

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I will follow your advice and see if it solve the problem!
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I do apologise for this very basic question, and I am quite new on the API topic.
i have installed the leafy plugin, and i want to try to use openstreetmap as a map provider. I am trying to get the APIs . however I have only 2 api keys provided by openstreetmap, once i register the applica tion through oAuth.
If Id like to use the plugin for openstreetmap, can anybody guide me on how get connected with openstreetmap APIs? Or is out there a guide how to explain it?
Thank you very much @vini_brito

You won’t be able to do that. Use one of the existing providers in the plugin, there are several nowadays :yum:
And they have generous free tiers.

Thank you very much for your reply! Last question, are all those providers have the same method, where u need to provide a credit card and then they will charge above a certain amount of api requests? Like Google basically?

Indeed, each time you use an API from a service (Stadiamaps / Mapbox / HERE …), you will be charged for each API requests.

Thanks for your reply. What I meant is if there was a provider that would give you a free amount of requests ie 100 requests and then if u exceed, the app wont work untill you pay for more. Rather than setting up a limiter of requests with potentially be charged if u dont pay too much attention or if you havent set up the limite correctly. Ie like Google. Just cos i was concerned as I am not a professional but rather an amateur :sweat_smile:

I think Stadia actually might work for me? As It doesnt pre- require a credit card?

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Yes, indeed, we spoke with one of the developers of Stadia Maps and he explained that once the limit is reached, we do not pay more than what is planned. You can request to have more API requests if needed.

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Thank you, actually even MapTiler does work the same,