Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

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@vini_brito Is there a way to draw a polygon on a map with this plugin and have the map only display database items that have an address (or a latitude and longitude) that fall within the polygon boundaries?

The problem was that if you display the map in the Pop-up, then you need to take the step to show the map only after opening the pop-up)))

Hello @vini_brito. I need “s marker clicked ltd and lng”. Is it posible in your plugin? I can find here this function, only Marker clicked index here. Can you help?

Hi, sometimes the map doesn’t show, and only a grey box is shown. It seems random when this occurs. It occurs on multiple pages, and different browsers. Refreshing the page or resizing the browser width sometimes works. Has anyone got any idea why, or how to solve the issue?

I find this is when you are trying to return data that contains an empty long and lat. Have a look if this is the case

very Good!

Unfortunately that’s not the case here. The lat and long are present.

I am working on a map to show information about a specific state. One view of this data is to plot various bubble sizes on a map depending on the scale calculated on the backend. Lets say I get a numeric range from 1-10 and I want to adjust the size of the bubbles based on that scale. I see I will need to pass latitude and longtitude along with this value in to plot them. However, I can’t quite figure out how to approach this. I tried using the add marker workflow but it appears to scale the dots up no matter how small they are set to be. In this screenshot example I was trying to make the two dots a different size.

What other approaches can I try here? I might need to draw polygons on the map instead of using this method if it is possible to draw a bunch of circles that way.

Does anyone know of a map provider that works with this plugin that displays the closest match to what Google shows for businesses? The top screenshot below is a feature I built using a different plugin based on Google Maps and the below is the equivalent map area using Leafy/Mapbox. Whats the best map provider for this use case? Thanks!

Is there a way to use this plugin to display a non-interactive map?


I have been away a while and my apologies for this bone-dead question but can you provide polygon labels? Not markers but permanent text labels centred on the polygon.


Hi! Is it possible to have all infowindows open once all markers are added to the map?

Currently, users have to click on the marker to open the info window, however, for my use case it would be amazing if the info windows are open from the start so they can see the price of each apartment across the city.

Hi Vini,

I’m having trouble with Here route calculation.

When I try to create a route using GPS coordinates, I get an error message telling me that I need to fill in the destination address.

If I ignore this message and try to calculate a route, it won’t be displayed (the map itself is shown).

I thought that, contrary to the examples you’ve shared, maybe I should have a step 1 “Get HERE route Leafymap A” and then a step 2 “Show HERE route Leafymap A”, but the route isn’t displayed.

In the devtools console, a 403 error appears. The response contains :

error: “Forbidden”
error_description: “These credentials do not authorize access”

I’ve also tried to create a route with addresses.

I notice that the addresses are transformed (by HERE?) into GPS coordinates, but I get a 403 error again.

Again, the response contains :

error: “Forbidden”
error_description: “These credentials do not authorize access”


  • I added my billing info into my HERE account
  • I tried with two different API Keys
  • Both are tagged “ENABLED” in my dashboard

@vini_brito, what do you think? Thanks for your help.

Hi @manal.rayess, @boston85719, @dallasb86 & @edtech.media13

I’ve seen that you’ve also had problems with routes not being displayed. Have you found a solution? Thanks a lot!

Hey @vini_brito , finally a map plugin that handles markers on the same coordinates well with the spider option :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems the Custom Popup border width doesn’t have any effect, even at 0 or 100 it is still the default white border. When you have some time could you see if you can reproduce on your end?

Also is it okay to show the map right on page load? I didn’t see a “Leafymap is initialized” event/state exposed as a safer option.

Hi Leafy

I’m looking to add a map function to my app. I need the following capability:
1. Add a marker to the map and associate event data to that marker (with a series of input elements) such as a event title, organiser, description, date, attendees etc
2. That marker must be searchable in the map (by date and/or location) and when clicked show all its associated event data, with the ability to change some elements of the data thing (e.g. add current user to attendees)

Simple question… is this possible with this plugin?

Hello is there a way to import KML into map?

Hey @vini_brito, is there a way we could get the Spiderify feature without using Cluster? Sometimes the Cluster is too extreme grouping nearby markers, but I do have some markers on exact same coordinates that still need Spiderification.