Leandomainsearch.com possible with Bubble?

hey bubblers,

I am wondering whether it would be possible to recreate/duplicate leandomainsearch.com, my favorite domain search tool, with Bubble.



I say yes, this is possible (not completely no-code though). You would need to tie into a 3rd party domain registrar API with the API Connector plugin (or make your own plugin) at minimum. I’m not sure exactly how the social name availability checker works under the hood, but I’d imagine they’re pinging the URL and returning a boolean yes/no to the person searching based on the body content retrieved with a GET request to that URL (there could be an API for this). As for how LeanDomainSearch generates their awesome search results list, it appears at first like a dynamic dictionary list appending/prepending the keyword, filtered to show available .com and social names only. Like I said, possible, but only with a bit of Bubble know-how and understanding the API workflows.

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