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Learn Bubble the right way with the Airdev Bootcamp

Hi everyone!

A few months ago, I started creating content for Airdev’s online bootcamp, which is designed to teach Bubble newbies how to build like professional developers.

Hundreds of people have gone through the bootcamp, many of whom now work on client applications with Airdev via our partner program.

:woman_technologist: We recently decided to make this bootcamp a fully open, self-paced experience. It’s completely free and anyone can join, even if you have no prior software development experience.

:rocket: Follow this link, and you’ll get access to:

  • Several hours of detailed tutorials and challenges on everything from database design, building with Canvas, to APIs.
  • 4 building exercises, designed to challenge and supercharge your learning.
  • Access to a community Discord where you can get help directly from Airdev developers and connect with your fellow students.

Hope to see you there!

Pssst - for a sneak peak, you can check out the first module here on Youtube. . .


This is a great bootcamp.

Hoping to create rather than find the talent they need. Very long game approach. Hats off.

Currently at week 2 building a job board. Blown away by not just the Canvas library but also the top-notch bootcamp tutorials and the in-depth documentation you guys have created that goes deep into design, logical thinking, structuring, etc. Loving it!

Thanks @will6 and @Adish - really glad to hear it!

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