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Learning By Doing

Hi all,

I created what is mostly a useless app Fake.Tube in order to learn how to use bubble. The app started with trying to create something like Youtube, then I decided why don’t I add the ability to share video and photos. It’s been a wonderful experience and now I plan on doing more cool things with the platform.

What’s particularly amazing is how quickly I can create something. From idea to fruition, it’s such a seamless experience(once you’re comfortable with the tools). I wish I discovered bubble when I started my first business…

Please take a look and let me know if there are element in there that you would like to use.


Well done on your first app Looks good for a first timer. Two of the changes I would make.

  1. Viewed Day(s) ago and not just Day ago
  2. I would change the repeating group of videos to a full list or extended scrolling instead of vertical scrolling. It gives a better UX

Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to add on.

Thanks :smile: