Learning Game Maker Like Kahoot Template


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** Learning Game Maker Like Kahoot**

This template is an interactive quiz platform template similar to Kahoot, where teachers and students can play interactive quizzing games. The app offers a landing page, game creation page, question display page, question-answering page, etc.


Dashboard displaying my games

Create game - for each question there are: question title, four options, correct answer(s), an image

Game playing (teacher): Teacher can display the game pin and it shows student participants on the screen. When the game has started, questions can be displayed and the teacher can end the question by clicking the “next” button. The correct answer is then displayed and the number of students choosing each option is displayed. When the game ends, the champion, the 1st runner up and the 2nd runner up are displayed on screen.

Game playing (students): Students can enter a game pin to enter the game. They can choose the answer on their own device. After each question, the correctness of their chosen option is shown and their scores are added. At the end of the game, their corresponding score is displayed on their own device.





If you find any bugs, want any customisations/changes/support in the template, feel free to ask any questions below or drop us a request. For new Bubblers, understanding the custom states, conditionals, and some workflows can be hard. Please ask here if you need any further explanations.


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I can neither open your Template Learning Game Maker- Kahoot! nor preview it.

How can I fix it please ?

Thanks. I have flagged this to Bubble support.

@mohammedbouguern Bubble has fixed the issue. You should now be able to preview the template.