Left margin not extended to the fullest

Hi. I would like to centre the element for every width(which is not centred now because it is a dummy). However, I do not know why the left margin is not extended to the fullest. May I know what should I do?

do you have it set as “collapse margins” in the responsive editor?

Even if I collapse margin, the green part do not extend to the edge of the html page.My website contains a floating group.May I know what should I do?

sharing your editor would be the easiest way to see what’s going on.

I suspect that you have an element that is preventing the margin on the left green group from extending to the left border

Hi @andyestridge so sorry to not reply you yesterday as I was asleep already. This is my website. The page is called faq page.

ah, ok i have a bunch of notes for you…

-the element HTML C is your culprit here. It is preventing margins from reaching all the way to the edge of the page. When elements are not visible, they still exist & affect responsive positioning. Since HTML C appears to just have a CSS snippet in it, i’d suggest making it’s size 1x1 and stashing it somewhere that won’t interfere with anything. (i like to put it in my floating headers)

-you have 27 open issues, it’s not good to let those pile up, as they can often help you debug. If you have so many, it’s hard to tell what is giving you problems

-you have some elements overlapping. Try not to do this as it really causes problems with responsiveness.

Hope this all helps!

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Hihi, this is just a generic one as I cannot leak too much of the company’s info, so there is a lot of issues . Really thank you a lot, I finally solve this issue.

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