Left Side nav / Left icon bar with new responsiveness engine

Hi there,

With the old responsiveness engine I managed to build a side nav that collapses to an icon bar. It was a bit cumbersome needing ro duplicate the menu items. One only for icons one only icon + label.

So I wondering having the new responsiveness engine is there a better way to achieve this? If so what would be the best approach?

Thanks in advance.

ehh it’s still pretty cumbersome as far as I’ve discovered, but definitely easier than the old engine.

I would add a state on the page level, something like “menu_collapsed” which is a boolean. If “menu_collapsed” is yes, then you can hide the text for each menu item. You’ll have to play around with it to make sure that each menu item is fit width to content and likely, a condition to make the min width of the actual container smaller.

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