Legal obligation - display hosting server location of the website

in France, a website must display in its legal terms page, the physicall location (address) where the website is hosted.
What is it for a bubble website?

We’re hosted on Amazon’s cloud (AWS), in their US West (Oregon) Region (see below). Not sure they disclose the address though, are you sure the address has to be accurate? While I’m from France, I don’t really know that…

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Although many sites in France may not fulfill this requirement from the CNIL, the hosting server supplier should be specified:
You may check out sites like :

  • lefigaro: “Le site est hĂ©bergĂ© par SDV PlurimĂ©dia, 15, rue de la NuĂ©ee Bleue, 67000 STRASBOURG - Tel: 03 88 75 80 50,”
  • edf: “Le portail est hĂ©bergĂ© sur les matĂ©riels informatiques de la sociĂ©tĂ© HEWLETT PACKARD FRANCE SAS dont le siège social est situĂ© Z.A. de Courtaboeuf, 1 avenue du Canada, 91947 Les Ulis”
  • "DĂ©veloppement, intĂ©gration, hĂ©bergement et diffusion, Direction gĂ©nĂ©rale des finances publiques, 139, rue de Bercy, 75574 PARIS CEDEX 12, tĂ©l : 01 40 04 04 04)

Well based on what I gave you above you should be able to find an address

Did you finally find which address to specify on your website ?