Legend of Zeldinia Update 1 - Day 3 of Contest

Dancing Small

I wanted to post an update on how far I have come with my Game Builder app. This is the game so far.

This is a sneak peak at the game builder interface that I am building the game in:

Let me know what you guys think. :blush:

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That is crazy impressive, @J805… congrats! Thanks for posting an update… really cool to see your progress!


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Thanks. I’m surprised I have gotten this far. Wasn’t sure it was possible in Bubble. But it’s cool that instead of building a game in Bubble, I created a game-maker software. I can actually let other people make their own games since I’m using my own ‘software’ to create mine. Then hopefully they will be able to upload them to the App Stores. We shall see what happens. Will be pretty cool if it can do that. Thanks for the kind words! :blush:


Jason this is very cool, can’t wait to see the boss levels :metal:

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Yeah. I’m thinking that through on how I’m going to do that. :blush::+1: Thanks for the kind words.

Sep 20, 2025

Nintendo acquires Bubble for 12 Billion.

A Nintendo spokesman commented: “Everyone was building games for themselves and playing time for our core Mario products was going down so we had to make a move in this space”


Hahaha :joy: Love it. :+1:

Agreed :joy::joy::joy: @TipLister

Pixel games are so apt, as we look back to our youth and remember where all this started. Well I do anyways, maybe I’m getting old :nerd_face:


Yeah. I think I feel very nostalgic with it too since I grew up with an NES. Never thought I would be making my own game, and all without code. :hushed:

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NES, you’re lucky Jason, I grew up with Spectrum’ and Commodore’, could have baked a cake whilst waiting for the tape cassette to load :dancer: :man_dancing:

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Commodore and Odyssey here (yup, Odyssey… not Atari… still haven’t forgiven my parents for that one), @nomorecode. We blew past old a long time ago, my friend. :slight_smile:


I know, found my first gray hair the other day, nearly dropped out my window?!!!


Haha. I am younger than you and I have so much grey hair and losing it too. :scream: That’s life. :pensive:

I played Atari but just never owned one.

I remember one of the first NES games I played was https://www.playemulator.com/nes-online/kid-icarus-angel-land-story/ I wonder how to create something like this in Bubble. Hmmmm.

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I’m sure it’s possible but would req some heavy ‘Maths’

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Yeah. Maybe after I finish the first game I will learn some things to move onto the next game. :thinking:

This is crazy bro.
You’re taking bubble next level lol
Never thought this was possible.
Eagerly waiting for it to be completed

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Jason, do you have an ETA on this or are you fitting it around projects?

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3D Game Engine in bubble wen

Jokes aside, this is pretty great

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This should be in the MakerPad no code contest this month, you’d definitely get some extra votes for nostalgia and creativity

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Thanks for the kind words. :blush: