Lendy Template Preview Error

@ZeroqodeSupport Interested in buying the Lendy Template, but every time I try to “Check your rate” I get the following error message:

Looks like this could be a great solution for me, but I’d like to get to explore the template more before buying. Can you fix this? Looks like you need a Bubble Banner.

Hi :wave:t2: I think that you need to upgrade to the personal plan to use that features in Bubble.

You can ask also to @ZeroqodeSupport support in their webpage.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m already using the Professional Plan, so I think @ZeroqodeSupport needs to update this specific app to the personal plan, so it doesn’t redirect back to bubble.io.

I’ll contact their support though. :+1:

Pretty sure you’ll need to purchase the template for that feature to work.

Hi @joebrand
I’ve just tried the check rate button and it worked well for me.
Also, I also see the bubble banner on the page all the time so there is no issue with that on my side.
Do you see the Bubble banner too?
If you still experience issues, please record a screencast with useloom.com - that would help us to troubleshoot.
Thank you!

@levon. did you try to actually fill some of the form? it seems it’s fine until the second step at “personal details” on the /borrow page. I’m seeing the same error only after filling out form1 and then entering SSN and credit score. The page after that is when issue begins

Hello @parker1. Thanks for the clarification.

Indeed, when you interact with some form on the borrow page, the notification appears. Thanks for informing. We will check this issue and I let you know when there will be any useful info regarding it.

Zeroqode Team

@parker1, hello, it’s been a while :slightly_smiling_face:

By this message we’re informing you that we have finally fixed the bug in the /borrow page. To check a more stable template version, please create a new app using the template Lendy as a base.

Thank you so much for your patience :pray:

Zeroqode Team