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Lessons learned taking over Bubble projects (or "Why is my app slow?")

Hi All,
I’ve written a blog article about some of the things we’ve learned when taking over Bubble projects. Click here to read on Medium.


I agree with all this as it’s been my experience as a dev also :slight_smile:

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Good read, @will_ericksson… thanks for sharing. I notice you didn’t mention the use (or maybe overuse) of advanced filters and the absence of backend workflows. While the former can be quite useful and the latter are not absolutely necessary, I’m just curious if those things (i.e., too many of the former and the lack of the latter) raise any red flags for you?



Hi Mike, both are great thoughts. I might have to write part 2 of this article soon!

I haven’t personally seen the use of advanced filters in apps we’ve taken over causing an issue, and they do have their place, but I’d say the solution would be refactoring the database which I did mention, optimising for a faster / more efficient read.

Yes, one major area I’d like to add to the article is simply not duplicating logic where possible. Using backend workflows is one great way to do this.

I’ve seen excessive duplication of logic in both front-end elements, logic in workflows on the page, or logic across multiple pages.